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Time Management Solutions
Supplies and Accessories
Amano provides replacement ribbons for various time clocks. To find the best ribbon for your clock, please click here to view our comparison chart.
If you already know which ribbon to purchase. Go to our online store now. BUY NOW
  Badges and Time Cards
Amano delivers a wide range of badges and time cards to assist you in tracking and managing your time more efficiently. Click here to view our comparison chart to find the right time card for your time clock. Go online now if you already know which item is best for you. BUY NOW
  Power Reserve Kit and Batteries
We offer optional full power reserve kits for your time clocks. Go to our online store now to view our selection. click here.
Are you in need of a replacement key? Click here to view our comparison chart to find the right key for your time clock. If you know which the key works with your clock, BUY NOW
Manuals are included with your time clock product. If you need additional manual, please download an electronic copy from our shopping tools section or purchase a hard copy from our online store. BUY NOW
Amano offers a variety of communication accessories, from transformers to communication cables. To view our complete line, please click here.
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