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Time Management Solutions
  Partners - Amano recognizes the importance of our partners in the time industry. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products ans services to our customers.
  Time Dealer Network Members:
Amano Cincinnati, Inc. is committed to maintaining long-term relationships with more than 300 national Time Dealer Network Members. Our dealers are trained extensively to operate, demonstrate and install our time management solutions, thereby providing our customers with the highest level of sales expertise and customer support. To find a dealer nearest you, please click here.

The Schlage HandPunch eliminates a known example of payroll fraud called "buddy-punching". This is when one employee punches in for another employee. Improved payroll accuracy is guaranteed by the elimination of "buddy-punching". This means that your payroll is free of time fraud and your costs are further reduced by removing the need for badges and time cards. The Schlage HandPunch coupled with Amano software is a powerful solution to streamlining your payroll processes.

Consumers gain from these benefits:
     Eliminates buddy punching and time fraud
     Eliminates the expense and hassles of badges and card-based systems
     Reduces payroll costs and management time
     Ensures employees' data are secure
     Installs quickly and is easy to use
     Eliminates manual calculation errors
     Provides multiple report options
     Contains an antimicrobial coating and inhibits the growth of microbes

  Intuit QuickBooks:
Amano has partnered with Intuit QuickBooks to provide consumers with a time and attendance system that seamlessly integrates with one of the most popular payroll applications. Together, Amano and QuickBooks enables consumers to automate the collection, calculation and preparation of employee time data, eliminate manual calculation errors, reduce time spent on preparing timesheets and track and report wages. To learn more, please read our case study on Centerline Corporation and QuickBooks survey.

  Amano Divisions:
Creating and Practicing Synergy is the Amano Way. Amano Time Management works in conjunction with the Access Control & Security, Parking and Floor Care Divisions to provide reliable, flexible and cost-effective products.

Amano integration solutions can deliver the benefits of implementing new technology solutions like smart cards, biometrics, and closed circuit television to existing architecture as your needs changes.

With a single connection, Amano connects access control and parking solutions to time and attendance tracking systems, thereby providing smarter facilities, greater security and enhanced workforce management.

Amano floor care products are designed to reduce labor costs and time management. While providing quality products and services are vital, producing environmentally floor care and cleaning solutions are equally important to end-users. To that end, that is why Amano Pioneer Eclipse has developed and expanded their EnviroStar Green product line. To learn more about floor care products, please click here.

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