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Time Management System Product Registration
Why register your product:
1. Investment Protection. Registering your time clock will insure you in case of malfunction.
2. Product Notification. Registering your time clock or time & attendance system can help us contact you in the event an improvement to the equipment.
3. Improved product development. Registering your time clock or time & attendance system will help us continue designing products that meet your needs.

Job Title:
First Name: Last Name:
Street: City:
State: Zip:
Phone: Fax No:
E-mail: URL:
Date of Purchase: Place purchased:
Purchase Price: Model:
Serial Number: Promotional Code:
Type of Business:
Company total number of employees:
Less than 25 101-250
25-50 251-500
50-100 More than 500
Is this product:
The first product of this type you have ever purchased An additional product (already own one)
A replacement for another product An additional product (already own two or more)
How is your clock used?
Time/Date Stamp Payroll Recorder
Job Costing/Tracking
How did you hear about this product?
Direct mail promotion Magazine Ad
Salesperson Recommendation Newspaper Ad
Online Search:   Other:  
What was your impression of the Operations Manual?
Difficult to understand Did not read
Average Other:  
Easy to understand
What other brands did you consider before you selected this product?
Did not consider any other brands Pyramid
Acroprint Icon
Lathem Other:   
How do you currently process payroll?
Quickbooks Peachtree
ADP Manual/Write Checks
Other Payroll Interface:   
Rank the THREE most important factors that influenced your selection of this product
Price Appearance
Quality Ease of operation
Features Size
Prior Experience Finish/Color
Amano Reputation Recommendation
Rank the THREE most important features that influenced your selection of this product
Pay period available Print option
Clock dislay Print colors
LCD Display Power Back-up
Calculation ability Print Direction
Accurate Time(Atomic time sync) Other:  
Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
Would you like to receive information for:
Time & Attendance Software Payroll Integration
Building Access Parking Systems
Do not send me information
I am interested in extended warranty.
Yes   No
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Call Domestic: 800-253-9836
        International: 973-364-0294
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