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Time Management Solutions
Amano is pleased to announce the release of our new MTX-30 series terminals. These new terminal work with a new release of Time Guardian 5.6. and Time Guardian Pro 4.6. These new terminals have additional features and functionality like serial or Ethernet communications on all terminal, bell ringing capability on all terminals, ability to transfer employee punches to a memory stick to name a few. Watch the Video.

We are also pleased to announce the release of our latest addition to the MTX-30 series terminals. Effective 8/1/18 we will be offering the MTX-30 PROX and FINGERPRINT terminal with Wi-Fi communication. These two new terminals will be available as complete kits with software as well as terminal only for add-ons. Watch the Video.

Product Highlights
NEW & IMPROVED Time Guardian® version 5.6 and Time Guardian Pro® version 4.6
AMANO's latest Time Guardian release supports the newly added MTX-30® series terminals. Time Guardian fully supports plug n' play terminal with Windows device manager.

The MTX-30® can transport punches via USB memory stick if communication cabling is not possible.

The new MTX-30® includes a relay port for connection to bell systems. Bells are sold separately.
Time Guardian is compatible with the latest QUICKBOOKS versions – up to v17 to 2017.

Time Guardian® time and attendance employee tracking system and QuickBooks have been speed optimized for faster transfers.

Time Guardian Windows OS compatibility has been updated to include Windows 10 and Server 2016.
Marketing Spotlight
Don’t forget to set your time clocks backward 1 hour on Sunday, November 3 at 2:00am. If you need assistance with programming your clock click here:

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